Powerful Keynote Speaker

As a dynamic speaker and empowering coach, I would be honored to share my unique style and authentic approach with your Organization. I have spoken to thousands of women and men around the country with the goal of inspiring each to reach their potential by fully recognizing their worth and to embrace the “art” of keeping good company.

Based on your meeting objectives, I can customize a message for your company, team, audience, peers, or colleague’s; OR bring to life one of these messages that can be life and business changing.

Message to:

  • Assure your audience, that all they desire or want to achieve is right in front of them.
  • Influence and inspire others to value their “chair space”.
  • Share why sitting with the right people who, believe in a give-and-get is key.
  • Place value on how a good culture, attracts good people.
  • Affirm that a women is most powerful when she knows her worth, embraces her values, and aligns with other like-minded.

I am confident that together we can craft a powerful message, personalize and bring to life for your audience in the most meaningful way!  

For more information or to book a Speaking Engagement; please call 561.252.2942 or email info@linnettereindel.com


“Linnette Reindel’s presentation at our annual sales conference was incredibly inspiring.  Our field connected closely with her message — state your intentions clearly, commit to your business fully, and surround yourself with people who support your choices.  For many her presentation offered that “a-ha” moment they needed to take their business to the next level.”
         Michele Gay
         CEO and Co-Founder, LimeLight by Alcone

Linnette’s ability to explore the role of personal responsibility and accountability for the choices we all face in life is powerful.”

         Debbie Wideroe, Founder POV.la