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December 2017

Brunch and Slay is a lifestyle company creating events, content, courses, and experiences with a focus on living your best life. I sat down with owner, Ameerah Saine, to discuss The Art of Keeping Good Company as well as building, parenting, and all things in between. Give the podcast a listen!

IMG_0004October 2016

I was giving an amazing opportunity to share 150 Books with the Alexandria House in Los Angeles, CA. The Alexandria House is a housing continuum for women and children. Women and children represent 28% of those sleeping on the streets, in cars or temporarily on couches of family and friends. The Alexandria House serves over 200 current residents, past residents and residents living in permanent supportive housing. Alexandra House is committed to helping women do better and know better; for those reasons, I was so excited to share my books message. I spent time with two beautiful women who work at the Alexandria House, Thank you!  They are always in need of support www.alexandriahouse.org

August 20, 2016

LimeLight by Alcone
Book Signing
Hilton Orlando
Orlando, Florida
Thank you to LimeLight by Alcone for hosting the book signing for their Beauty Guides. I met so many amazing, forward thinking men and women!

August 19, 2016

LimeLight by Alcone
Guest Speaker 
Hilton Orlando
Orlando, Florida
Spoke to over 500 women and men from around the county each representing LimeLight by Alcone as an Independent Beauty Guides. This group of women and men truly embodied the spirit of  entrepreneurship. They were equally passionate about their culture and the value of sitting with the right company. Co-Founders Michele Gay and Madison Mallardi lead by example and have set an amazing tone and pace for their Company.
About LimeLight
Incredible makeup and skin care for everyone…

“At LimeLight, we empower people to achieve their goals and dreams and to inspire others to do the same. Our family-owned company was founded in 1952 to provide professional makeup to the stage and film industry. Now we are expanding our reach to help women everywhere look their best every day with our all natural skincare line and personalized makeup palettes Co-Founders Michele Gay and Madison Mallardi.”

Shared Messages

I must tell you that I am still in awe of you and the things you spoke to us about a week ago.  I have a fire lit within me thanks to you.  As a single mom myself you have inspired me completely.  As I spoke to you in Michele Gay’s suite, which I am sure you were overwhelmed, I was listening as you spoke of your history and was just thinking how amazingly strong you were and are.  Thank you for coming and sharing with us! I am currently reading your book and just love it. 

From one single Mom to another Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! I know that I am doing everything I need to do for my daughter and know that I am setting her up for success as well because I am showing her what a strong work ethic can get you.  I felt guilty for it for a long time but now I know that seeing me working hard for our future is the best thing I can do. 
Thank you again  Erin C., Sioux City, Iowa

June 21, 2016

National Association of Women Business Owners NAWBO
Invited Guest 
Venture, California
Venture County Chapter of NAWBO welcome me to their table. The men and women who attended were each business owners coming together to share best practices and to utilized each others talents in the most meaningful way.  They embody the spirit of a give and get environment. A great table to be apart of!

May 14, 2016

POV.la Event 
Keynote Speaker
Sherwood Country Club, Westlake Village, CA
Spoke to over 50 women at the Sherwood Country Club.
I enjoyed interacting and spending time with these women who each embody the value of sharing and supporting one another’s success  These women from the greater Los Angeles area, get together twice a year to connect. The beauty is, they stay in touch by supporting one-another all year long!  
What I really loved is Founder Debbie Wideroe ensures young women in college or recently graduated are invited and attend to spend time and gain insight from other women from all industries who own or run businesses. This form of engagement allows everyone to learn and grow.
Special thank you to Founder Debbie Wideroe!



“At this VERY special POV.la event, Linnette Reindel will be our keynote presenter on a topic weALL can relate to…As the author of The Art of Keeping Good Company, Linnette offers an honest, empowering look at the role of personal responsibility and accountability for the career, personal choices and challenges we all face in life. Based on the lessons she has learned, her positive and inspiring talk will help you examine who you are and why you surround yourself with the people you choose, gain deeper insights into what’s important to you now, and help you make better choices in terms of the company you keep in all areas of your life.After hearing Linnette’s words and sharing her life experiences, it is my hope we will all “feel empowered to make new decisions, create an even more authentic, fulfilling life, appreciate our true worth as a person, and move closer to becoming the best version of ourselves yet!”That’s a lofty goal for our 2016 Spring Event, wouldn’t you say?”

 May 2015

Launched new book and Speaking Services!
Sold hundreds of books to family and friends over the last year or so.  I have received tremendous feedback and validation that “keeping good company” can serve us all well!

Thank you for allowing me to sit at your table and to interact in the most meaningful way!


May 2015 | Holding my very first copy of The Art of Keeping Good Company!