Linnette, I really enjoyed reading your book while I was in Alaska. I particularly felt a connection with the table that feeds one another. It’s the essence of what we are called to do. Great job and Congratulations!

–Dr. John Z., Elmore, Ohio


I must tell you that I am still in awe of you and the things you spoke to us about a week ago.  I have a fire lit within me thanks to you.  As a single mom myself you have inspired me completely.  As I spoke to you in Michele Gay’s suite, which I am sure you were overwhelmed, I was listening as you spoke of your history and was just thinking how amazingly strong you were and are.  Thank you for coming and sharing with us! I am currently reading your book and just love it. 

From one single Mom to another Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! I know that I am doing everything I need to do for my daughter and know that I am setting her up for success as well because I am showing her what a strong work ethic can get you.  I felt guilty for it for a long time but now I know that seeing me working hard for our future is the best thing I can do. Thank you again.  
–Erin C., Sioux City, Iowa


Linnette, my copy of your book arrived this week while I was out of town, and I just sat down this past hour and read it from cover to cover—it is really amazing! Your insight is so good—and I’m sure the message universally appropriate,but oh my, it was just exactly what I need to read and what I need to reread and ponder. I think it would be an awesome theme and topic for a retreat—am thinking long and hard about that! I would love to talk with you personally! Thank you for writing this—I definitely plan to reread it, take it to heart personally, and share the message with others! Thank you!

Heather G., Davenport, Iowa


“Linnette Reindel’s The Art of Keeping Good Company is life-changing. This book will inspire everyone who seeks to create and nurture the best possible relationships in their lives while empowering those who need to make positive change at their table.”

— Erin R., Omaha, Nebraska


The Art of Keeping Good Company taught me so much about taking conscious stock of the people we choose to surround ourselves with–and about how we teach people how to treat us. The latter has been a particularly relevant lesson to me recently as my husband and I have begun to re-evaluate our marriage in counseling after 22 years. It’s something I’d been thinking about for several years and a variety of experiences, including your book, gave the courage to follow through on it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

–Anne W., Washington, D.C.


The Art of Keeping Good Company, such a simple concept but yet so profound! A book written from the heart. My dear friend, you’ve faced the challenges in your life and set your table beautifully!

— Debbie W., Sylvania, Ohio


Wow!!  I’ve finished reading the Art of Keeping Good Company, and like our conversations it leaves me with much to think about!  It was like sitting in the company of a good friend…:) and although you are my good friend…:) it’s written in a very approachable voice… a great message, short and sweet!   I am proud of you for doing what you set out to do in writing this book and getting it published…it’s amazing.  You push people to be better versions of themselves and this is another platform for you to do that on a grander scale.  I look forward to sharing this with my table of friends and family…and sparking conversations that will grow us all to be better versions of ourselves!

— Cheryl H., Eden Prairie, Minnesota


Linnette’s presentation and book, “The Art of Keeping Good Company” is both inspiring and thought provoking. Her warm, candid presentation style allows audiences to truly connect with her on a very intimate level. She captivates an audience and pulls everyone in with her words. As Linnette guides audiences to take as honest look at personal responsibility and accountability for the choices we make in life, her powerful messages hit the audience in their hearts. Linnette is a fabulous presenter…and someone I am proud to have at my friend table.

— Debbie W., Oak Park, California


I just read your book! What I appreciated most was your putting words to the ‘process.’ For years, I have thought about who I want to and don’t want to spend time with, but to have a ‘process’ to actually give thought to, makes me (and I’m sure others), to actually pause, and really think about the who, what and why we want to, or not spend time with the other person. Thank you for writing “The Art of Keeping Good Company’!

— Joy S.,  Oxnard, California


It’s not often that you instantly connect with someone’s words you just meet. That’s what happened to me when I had the opportunity to hear Linnette speak at a recent women’s luncheon.

An Introduction in her philosophy of how we can be more conscience of who’s participating in our lives and inviting them to sit with us at our table. Family, friends, and contacts have important roles: some will stay with us a long time others maybe not. But on our life journey it’s important to be there others, as they are in our lives for a reason too. Definitely loved hearing Linnette’s words both in her speech that day and after reading her book the next night. Words a perfect harmony of how to try to cherish and define those important to us in our lives.

— Laura L., West Village, California


I went to brunch to meet some interesting women in business, and left with a new perspective. Linnette not only engaged the audience with her talk, she gave us fuel for stimulating conversations at our breakout session. I think that everyone brought her book, and Linnette has already inspired positive changes in my personal and professional life.

— Diane P., Agoura Hills, California


I just wanted to let you know I FINALLY read your book. Wow! I loved it!!
I read it during a road trip home from Colorado. It was so lovely and informative. I REALLY enjoyed it. I also felt like I got to know you better, which was an absolute treat, the book served as an excellent and integral reminder of the importance of “keeping good company.” For me, and I believe for most people, it is a continual effort… as well as an “ART.” Such a PERFECT word to use to describe it. It is definitely an art. Just when I think my table is perfect… someone sneaks in there that really doesn’t fit or believe in reciprocity. Anyway, I could go on and on…
GREAT job!! Congratulations!!
— Erin B., Boerne, Texas