About-LinnetteAuthor, Keynote Speaker, Linnette Reindel has created a successful career as an accomplished senior sales and marketing executive, with over twenty-five years of experience with businesses ranging from; start-up ventures to billion dollar, domestic and international organizations. Linnette is highly respected and is considered a visionary within the B2C selling channel.

Linnette confident in her corporate roles knew she also had much more to share and began to follow her heart to pursue her life’s purpose; to motivate and inspire individuals, companies and organizations to achieve their full potential by recognizing the importance of “who you invite to your table matters.”  Linnette speaks to thousands of women and men about the power behind the company you keep, a lesson she learned early on and one she credits to her success.

Why Linnette

Linnette embraces her passions with vigor and is committed to pursuing her dreams including becoming a highly sought after speaker. Never one to be afraid of change or taking smart risks, Linnette is a firm believer in seeing beyond what is in front of her, venturing off the well-trod path, embracing an entrepreneurial spirit, and surrounding oneself with thoughtful, creative, forward thinking people. Now, she seeks to inspire other women and men to do the same to; value their chair space and the company they keep.


Linnette’s vision is to expand her influences by speaking to a variety of companies and organizations, with the goal of inspiring people to reach their potential by fully recognizing their worth.  “My desire is to pull my life’s experiences and years of professional insights, and wisdom into powerful messages that will resonate with other women and men and their businesses” explains Linnette. “I want to create a revolution to challenge women and men to let go of what they may have outgrown, adjust their chair space, and to reach for what is right in front of them”.


 Did You Know

Over 20 years ago a friend introduced Linnette to the art of making homemade toffee. Over the years her go to gift was always her toffee presented in customized packaging. After being well received  and a constant request for more, Linnette decided it was time to launch Nettie Renee! If you would like to experience her amazing toffee for yourself or to send to someone special visit www.nettierenee.com